How to Choose the Right Home Security Company

Your home is undoubtedly one of your biggest and most precious investments. Protecting it is a major priority, and this is the significance of home security company and systems. However, there are many of them out there in the market. With each of them claiming to be the best at what they do, you may find yourself lost on which to pick. Here are factors to consider in order to make the right choice for your home.

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How is the Monitoring Carried Out?

First, you want to be sure that your security system can effectively communicate with the monitoring centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergencies can occur at any time. When it comes to this, there are basically 3 choices: landline, cellular and broadband. Landline requires a landline phone connection and is very beneficial if your premises still has these connections. It’s offered by companies such as ADT

On the other hand, cellular uses a cellular uplink. It is beneficial in that your alarm system will not be affected even if telephone lines are cut. Most companies offer this, including FrontPoint, ADT, Protect America, LifeShield Security and Vivint. However, the cellular option is more expensive than the landline one. Broadband connections can reach the monitoring centres faster than landline connections, but are less reliable and cheaper than cellular monitoring.

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How your system is installed depends on the company you choose. There are systems that are DIY (do it yourself) from companies like LifeShield Security, ProtectAmerica, and FrontPoint Security. They do not require professional installation. You receive the equipment and instructions and can proceed. Usually they’re easy 30-40 minute processes.

Meanwhile, other companies such as Vivint and ADT offer full technician installation. The professional sets up your system properly and answers any of your queries.

In addition, you should note that hardwired systems take longer to install than wireless systems.

Costs and Warranties

Price is an important consideration. Regardless, it shouldn’t be the determining factor. You are bound to get a quality return of your moneys value. In addition, look beyond a company’s advertising price. Analyze the existence of additional charges such as monitoring fees, activation fees and monthly bills. Tally up the entire costs and determine if your budget can accommodate them.

You want to pick a company that offers a warranty for its products service and installation. You should choose a company that can stand behind its services, not simply installing your system with no guarantee.

Different companies offer different equipment warranties. For instance, LifeShield gives you 1 year, FrontPoint gives you 2 years, SimpliSafe and Protection One go for 3 years, while others like Protect America, LiveWatch, ADT, Vivint, Monitronics and Guardian Protection Services give you lifetime warranties.

Learn from Others Experiences

Every company can claim to offer excellent services, but your family and friends will tell you the bare truth about their experiences. Personal referral and recommendation remains to be one of the best ways to find a trust-worthy company. Don’t stop there. 

Go further to company websites and social media pages and accounts, and see what their customers are saying about the company services. Go through testimonials. Know what other people have been through before you go ahead to make your choice.

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Secure your Home

After you have selected your preferred security company, go through your contract. If you have any questions, ask the company representative. Don’t buckle under pressure to sign. In fact, if you’re being pressurized and the representative is being too persistent, you should be more cautious. 

With the right security for your home, you will live relaxed, with your mind at peace.

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