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When it comes to ensuring safety, preparing for emergencies, and protecting your company’s people and assets, time is of the essence.

An "Access Control" system should refuse access to unauthorized people and permit freedom of movement for authorized people.

Company Name offers a wide range of access control solutions and helps you with the implementation.

Our system goes beyond conventional access control by applying a company plan, letting you handle several clearances, permits, and competencies for your employees and customers, while ensuring your company's duty of care for the health and welfare of all who access your property.

Our System uses digital card viewers, RFIDs, fingerprint readers, and keypads to track and control employees,and ensures several essential safety and company features including:

• Management of visitors

• Staff access and after-hours management

• Tracking and Monitoring

• Intruder alarm detection and notification

• Lockdown, Emergency management and alerts

• Compliance with government regulations.

We offer many degrees of protection ranging from completely monitored access control for a critical facilities site, to cost effective wireless and data-on-card choices for securing dormitories and lockers.

Our system is built to manage and track entry factors including doorways, elevator floors, parking entrances or garage doorways, which places you firmly in control of monitoring accessibility at each program-managed entrance point.

Benefits of our system:

• Observe movement

• Secure an area or sector

• Integrate with other security systems

• Protect employees, assets, and information

• Control who is entering your premises, and when

With our comprehensive range of access control technologies, we can ensure that the best solution is provided for your business.

Whether you need a sophisticated access control method or an easy stand-alone apparatus, we've got all the products to meet your requirements. We offer an entire line of access devices including RF handlers, keypads, card readers, electrical and magnetic locks, as well as a complete line of worry-free products to meet your own unique conditions.

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