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Alarm.Com Security Review

Nothing helps us sleep better at night than knowing that we are safe. Safety in this case is from intruders with ill intentions towards us and/or our property. One of the best ways to ensure that this does not happen is by investing in a good security system. A good one helps to keep the bad guys out and should this not work, it notifies you and people who can help about it. One of the best security systems in the market is

Features of Security System

This system offers round the clock monitoring and access control for homes, office spaces, company buildings and any other space that needs protection. Below are some of the features of the system that make it so great and give it an edge over the others.

· It uses and independent cellular connection that is not dependent on your ordinary phone and cable connections. This makes it more reliable and less likely to corrupt remotely.

· Offers 24 hour support with the clients being able to get emergency response as soon as it is needed in spite of the time of day.

· Offers fire protection. The system is able to detect smoke and carbon monoxide fumes and alert the homeowners for immediate action.

· Remote control and notification enabled. This means that you can control the system from your smartphone without having to be around the system. You also get direct alerts to the synched device.

· It is tapping-proof. The technology used is designed in such a way that the system is pretty much resistant to tampering by people with malicious intentions.

· Price- $18.99- $24.99 per month depending on the package chosen.

Comparison with other systems vs ADT

Both systems are remote control enabled which allows users to control and get notifications from far away. This feature also allows voice control in both. Other shared features include the 24 hour client support and response and fire and carbon monoxide detection capabilities.

The ADT has a special advantage over the system with the back-up battery feature. This powers the system in case of power blackout. The however has better tamper-proofing features and uses its own connections which are two advantageous features absent in the ADT system. The ADT system costs $36.99 per month which makes it the more expensive option. vs ADT Pulse

The two also share the fire protection, 24 hour support and remote control features.

Unlike the system, ADT pulse has a flood sensor feature that monitors water levels in case of risk of water damage. It also has a light and temperature control feature that converts your home into a smart home. The again manages to compete through the use of an independent network which makes it more reliable and safe from tampering. ADT Pulse costs $ 1,391.76 for a 24 month monitoring period. The fact that you need to sign a time contract of so much time is actually a disadvantage compared to which allows monthly subscription. vs Front Point

With this system, there is also the shared fire protection, remote access and 24 hour monitoring features.

The system pulls one over Front with the carbon monoxide detection feature, the independent connection and the environmental sensitivity. In terms of price, Front Point is the more expensive option at $34.99 per month. vs Simplisafe

Simplisafe Security system is different from Alarm system in that it lacks the unique tamper-proof technology. It also piggybacks on normal cellular connections which makes it more unreliable due to increased risk of signal interruption. The one advantage Simplisafe has over is the fact that it is more affordable with a money back three year warranty. Simplisafe costs $14.99 per month.

Verdict is definitely one of the best systems. With all its amazing features it is able to cope and compete in the world of smart home security. It is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a new system.


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