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Blink Home Security Camera System Review


The Blink Home Security Camera System is a great home monitoring system. Whether you are new to home security systems or experienced, if you are looking for something with an easy installation and set up, it doesn’t get better than this. You can have your security system up and running in as little as fifteen minutes.

The Blink provides two 720p HD video cameras, which give great visibility and allow the user to clearly identify the faces of unwanted guests. The built-in motion detectors pick up very quickly, but we do recommend the you find a place to put them that allows for the camera to have good vision of the overall area. Otherwise you may find that by the time you the motion detectors are triggered, the person has moved out of sight. The detector will send a notification to your smartphone when triggered, but don’t worry about having to take your phone everywhere you go, as the cameras will record a short clip and send it to the cloud. The sound is also very good and voices can easily be picked up.


The Blink Home Security Camera System works with iOS 8.1 or Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. The device is battery powered so there are no unsightly wires to tackle. The two-year life 2AA lithium batteries are included and have twice the capacity of alkaline batteries. Requires Wi-Fi connection to work.


The device is remotely controlled by your phone or voice controlled through Amazon Alexa Skill. The “Live View” streaming mode is the perfect solution for you to be able check on your home or office in real time. It can be placed in any indoor environment such as entryways, windows, garage, kids’ rooms or you can check on your pets. You can adjust the sensitivity via the Blink app. So if you find you are getting too many notifications, simply turn down the dial.

The cameras have a light for great night vision, however it is not so good if you prefer not to use the light.

The phone app is easy to use but in providing something simple, Blink have compromised on personalized features and settings, such as assigning specific zones.

Once you have purchased your security system, there are no monthly subscription payments required.

What’s Included

With this kit you will receive two white modern design 720p HD video camera and a Sync Module. These are small in size and have a plastic protective casing. Two lithium batteries and a mounting kit for permanent or temporary mounting.

The technical support team can be accessed immediately through your Blink phone app.

Set Up

  • Connect the sync module to your Wi-Fi router following app instructions
  • Install the batteries (included)
  • Select ‘add camera’ in your Blink app,
  • The app will ask you for the serial numbers (found on side of camera box)
  • The camera will now come online
  • Place the cameras in required locations


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