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EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus 1080p HD Home Security Camera Review


The EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus uses panoramic 360° on-touch pan view navigation and tilt controls with digital zoom to ensure you capture the entire room with. This functionality will allow viewing of live video at any angle by simply moving the image around on the screen with one finger. It offers better image quality than the first model with 1080P resolution and is sleeker in design.

EVZVIZ deliver a superb level of security that is needed with home surveillance cameras. Security threats come in many forms and as well as monitoring your home day and night, the device offers multilayer security and end-to-end video encryption. You can only view the device using the EZVIZ mobile or web applications, so you can rest assured that your stored and live video is safe. There is also a privacy mask. This will visually confirm if your audio or video recording and live viewing function is turned off.

Your video content and history is available at anytime using local storage and free cloud storage provided. A 128 GB (131,072MB) micro SD card is strongly recommended if you need to store up to one month of motion detection recording.


You can either set up the device using Wi-Fi connection (does not support 5G) or wired Ethernet connection

Compatible with iOS 7.0+ (iPhone, iPad), Android 4.0+ and works with Alexa via IFTTT, The unit needs to be plugged into a power supply.

The device is not for use in a vehicle is an indoor device. For this device to function properly, you this device has to be connected to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network.

Adding as many cameras as you want is easy and visible all in one app, for your home or small business.

The Mini 360 Plus runs on EZVIZ’s adaptable platform, which adds new features and functionality as they become available with easy one-click updates.


Using the smart motion tracking facility, the camera will track and instantly record if it detects any movement in the room. The night vision detection range offers up to 33 ft. and produces a really clear picture. So you can track things during the day or night. You will receive an alert the moment any motion is detected.

The two way intercom allows you to talk to family or pets with live streaming video.

The EZVIZ mini 360 plus is set up to record motion event only for approximately 1 hour of motion per day. For longer recording use a 128GB micro SD card. This should give you somewhere between 112 to 124 days of recording.

You can disable the night vision by turn ON/OFF the IR lights for this device.

Pan and Tilt control gives you greater flexibility in where you can place the camera, so you can be more discreet.


Installation is simple. Download the EZVIZ app and create your account.

A flexible install kit is provided for indoor wall or ceiling mounting, but the camera can also be placed on a flat surface.

Costs and Warranties

EZVIZ offers an optional CloudPlay service, which gives you 7 or 30-day cloud recording and storage options. You can have a 30 day free trial on these options before you commit.


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