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Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-B Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System – Review​​​​​​​

The Fortress S02-B is an affordable and comprehensive home or business security alarm system. The system consists of a main control panel featuring auto-dialer, ten door or window contacts, three passive motion detectors, a panic button, a high noise 140dB alarm, an extra outdoor siren for extra volume, a panic alarm, three activation/deactivation alarm key fobs and four alarm warning stickers for windows and doors.

The unit uses AC 110V- 220V DC 9V Power supply and a Ni-Mh battery provides the internal power.


Despite the systems complexity, it is surprisingly easy to install. The mains unit is fully programmable. The sensors are already synced up to the main panel, making the set up even more straightforward.

The door and window contacts can detect any forceful break in, and the passive motion sensors will pick up on any suspicious activity or movement. In case of a security breach, the main control panel has an auto-dialer function, which can have up to six phone numbers assigned.

It can also be used to play a recorded message or custom sound. So if you are concerned about there being someone in your house, you can call the system from your phone and actually listen to what’s going on.

You can deactivate the device by punching in the number on the keypad, or disarm before you even get in the front door with one of the three supplied key fobs. You can also disarm the alarm from another location if you have a phone line attached to the system. By calling the number of the phone line you will reach the main panel. Input your passcode and press #, then you simply select 1 to arm the system, 2 to disarm the system, or * to listen in with the microphone. A panic button is provided which will also sounds the alarm if you suspect an intruder in your own home.

The 140db alarm is 30db louder than the average human pain threshold. So this should scare off any unwanted guests. There are three motion sensors supplied in the initial kit, however the system can actually hold up to ninety-nine, so you can add more if you need to.

The 1.2V x 7 Ni-Mh internal back up battery is rechargeable and in case of power failure, the system will run for 72 hours without external power.

Important Information

You will need a landline or a VIoP in order for the system to call out if an alarm is tripped. However, once the landline is connected, you can program it to call a cellphone.

When buying parts it is very important that you make sure they carry the Fortress brand logo and it is clearly displayed on the product. In cases where counterfeit goods have been used, the Fortress system will no longer be covered under the guarantee.

This system is not suitable for outdoor use.

Customer Service

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