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Funlux 720p HD Wireless Smart Home Security Surveillance Camera (3 Pack) – Review

The Funlux Wireless Security System consists of three neat small lightweight cameras. Resolution on the cameras is 720P HD and they have a surprisingly wide angle visibility of 115°. An automatic infra red light gives superb black and white night vision to a distance of up to 30 ft. During the day the cameras produces lovely sharp, clear picture.

Setting up the cameras is a quick three step process, and with easy to follow instructions, your system will be up and running in a matter of minutes. You also have a handy two way monitoring facility, which makes it an ideal solution if you have an elderly relative that lives alone, or are using it as a baby monitor.

This device is very popular as live streaming can be done on your computer and tablet as well as a smartphone. So you can keep a watchful eye on things from anywhere.

Although the Funlux system is wireless, the cameras do need to be plugged into a power supply. Please note these cameras are not suitable for use outdoors, and do not work well through glass as they pick up a reflection.


One of the great things about the Funlux Wireless Security System is their size. The cameras are small which allows you to place them discreetly if you wish.

The motion and sound alert notification facility will send 5 frames of pictures or a screenshot to you when motion and sound are detected, so you will know immediately if something is happening. The Funlux Wireless Security System allows you to monitor your home, store and office anywhere anytime and enjoy peace of mind

The easy to use app has two-way audio using a built in microphone and speaker. You also have the facility to give family and friends access to your camera device for dual monitoring. You can download the app for free and this will allow you to take and record photos and save them to cloud storage.


Setting up the Funlux mini camera system is really easy. All you need to do is to plug in the camera, download the Meshare app, register for a new account, and the device in ready to use in a matter of minutes. The mobile devices that are compatible with the app are Android 4.0 up and iOS 7.0.

The cameras have an adjustable bracket, which can either be used as a stand if you want to place the device on a desktop or shelf or other flat surface. Alternatively it can be used as a bracket to fix to the wall.

After Sales Care

Funlux provide excellent and professional customer service. They are easiest to contact via email or you can use the convenient live chat function on the app.


Funlux offer a 60 day return and refund policy on the system. The device is supplied with a 2 year warranty and lifetime US tech-support.


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