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GW Security 8CH HD DVR Security System – Review

Product Features

The GW Security 8 channel high definition DVR security system is a seriously dynamic surveillance system suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With state of the art Sony cameras which have verifocal lens and a zoom of up to 8 times, you will have every angle covered. Their sleek and professional appearance, will show potential criminals that you are serious about security and make them think twice before attempting to enter or take your property.

The 8 camera package includes an 8 Channel DVR with 2 TB hard disk drive, 8 x 1080p high definition Sony verifocal, adjustable dome cameras, with wide dynamic range and 3D digital noise reduction, 4 x 100 ft. cables, 4 60 ft, cables, a 1 to 8 power splitter, power supply, mouse, remote and user manual.

The high definition 1080p cameras have a long distance transmitter range of up to 984ft. of live video. With their IP66 weatherproof certification and a powerful 36 IR-LED night vision, you will be able to view up to 100 feet night time video as clear as daytime.


The vision on these Sony verifocal cameras is absolutely first class. Picture quality combined with 8 x high level zoom, wide angle view gives excellent range of detection. With the remote monitoring, you can be confident in having a 24 hours a day professional surveillance system at your fingertips.

In addition to the freedom of having remote viewing on your smart phone , you can set up additional monitoring devices, such as laptops and personal computers.


If you are someone who is confident enough to set things up your own, you will be pleased to find the GW security system very straightforward to install. Once you have decided where you would like your cameras located, just simply mount them as and where desired and run the cable to the camera and monitor. Then all you have to do is turn on the power supply and you have yourself a professional surveillance system. For those of you who are not so confident in doing the work yourseves, we recommend you hire a professional to mount the cameras for you.

To activate the remote control facility via the app on your smart phone, simply scan the QR code provided in the package and it will take you to the easy step by step set up guide. If you need help with the app the technical support team will walk you through the installation of the software and monitoring.

Once mounted, you can adjust the camera zoom lens manually using a small flat nose screwdriver to zoom in and out at around 2mm to 12mm.

Technical Support

The technical support team are extremely helpful and patient in getting everything setup quickly and explaining the functionality. For general help you can email the department and they respond promptly.


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