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Home Security Review: ADT vs FrontPoint

There are basic goals everyone has when they are looking for home security companies. Two, actually: you want to feel safe, and you don’t want a big dent in your budget. ADT and FrontPoint go out of their way to make this, and much more, possible. All claim to be the best. However, they both can’t be the same. There are those things that differentiate them, and they are the factors that you consider when choosing the right company for your home security.

ADT vs FrontPoint: Experience and Reputation

ADT is USA’s oldest and largest home security company. Having been in business for decades, they understand what customers desire. They have the most experience in security needs compared with not only FrontPoint, but also all other security companies. They use locally authorized resellers for selling and installation of their security systems across the country. As such, your ADT experience will also depend on your location. The Better Business Bureau rates ADT with a B+. That’s pretty decent.

FrontPoint is a newcomer to this market. But it has made its entry with a bang. It is the fastest growing home security company, and it has its quality services and advertising to that for that. It may not have as much experience as ADT, but is service delivery won it a Better Business Bureau rating of A-.

Ease of Installation

ADT offers professional installation. This means that a technician will come to your residence and install your system for you. It ensures that it is done rightly, and you can make any queries you wish. Relocating with your ADT system is not an option. But it does offer a Mover’s guarantee that enables you to get a new free system. However, you have to have been an ADT customer for over 2 years for this to apply.

On the other hand, FrontPoint security systems are entirely DIY. The equipment and instructions are sent to you, and you set up the system, at your time and pace. As such, it’s an easy one to put up. In case you decide to move, your security system equipment can easily be relocated.


ADT offers hardwired landline monitoring. However, with growing need for the wireless and cellular monitoring, it recently began to offer these services. You can pick whichever option your desire.

FrontPoint on the other hand is entirely wireless. All their systems use cellular/GSM communication.

Comparing Contracts and Costs

Following the merger, they are now owned by the same parent company, Tyco International. Brinks’ services are now entirely monitored by ADT. Consequently, the single conglomerate now offers the same packages. The basic charges amount to around $30 USD in monthly bills. This however changes and increases with the more services you add to the installment package.

State-of-the Art Home Security

The basic monthly fee for ADT is around $30.00, while that of FrontPoint is approximately $35.00. Of course, being a DIY installation, you will incur no installation fees with FrontPoint. On the other side of the scale, the installation costs for ADT stands at about $99.

The two companies are confident in the services they offer. You may however need a guarantee of a refund in case you are not satisfied with the services rendered. In fact, companies that claim to be the best in what they do should have such a guarantee arrangement. ADT gives you a 6-month money back service guarantee, while FrontPoint gives you a 30-day full refund guarantee.

Whichever of the two you pick, ensure that you go through your contract before signing it. In addition, go for the package that suits you best to protect your precious investment-your home.

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