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Home Security Review: ADT vs Vivint

Home security is a key issue nowadays. Selecting the best companies is a top priority. Without doubt, ADT and Vivint rank amongst the best of the best in the home security industry. They are key players with remarkable reputations. Given, each of them approaches the market differently. As such, various factors set them apart, and you may be at a loss in deciding which of the two is best suited for you. Here is a review to help you make up your mind.

ADT vs Vivint: Reputation

ADT is one of the kingpins of this security industry. In fact, it’s the oldest. For decades, it has garnered support, praise and acclamation. Many say that its reputation precedes it. But you can’t stay on top of the game for that long if you aren’t good at what you do. And ADT has the customer support and sales to show for it. Its reliability, quality equipment and fair pricing are amongst the reasons for its huge customer base.

Vivint is a young security company. It’s basically APX-reborn, without the trouble and misfortune that was previously witnessed. You see, APX Alarm ran into quite some hurdles and experienced numerous complaints from consumers. This was about everything from salespeople, misrepresentations and lies, to its practices. With all that negative vibe, a re-birth was needed, and APX was rebranded into Vivint. Since its conception, it has made quite the strides into winning the hearts of numerous customers. It has built itself a remarkable rapport that is attested to by the thousands of positive ratings and reviews.

From Cost of Purchase, Ease of Installation, to Maintenance

Their equipment is of high quality and impressive technology. For the upfront payment price, there isn’t really much difference between the two companies. What you pay is largely dependent on the equipment you’re getting.

Both offer full technician installation. There aren’t do-it-yourself systems. The professionals come over and install everything as rightly as it should. However, there is a slight difference in the length of time for the installation. For the Vivint and ADT wireless systems, it takes a short time, typically 30-40 minutes. For the hard-wired ADT systems, it will take longer.

Vivint systems are more energy efficient, and they return to you more savings in your monthly energy bills.

Technology and Equipment Quality

The new kid always has the cooler stuff. It’s no different for Vivint. It has made great strides in offering you security systems that are energy efficient and they also give you mobile features and home automation. It even has a touchscreen Control Panel. ADT has not been left behind. They have noticed the changing trends in the market and have begun bringing forth their state-of-the-art technology from wireless systems to cellular monitoring for your security.

The quality of equipment provided by both companies is undisputed. Vivint get their systems from 2Gig! Technologies, while ADT gets its equipment from manufactures such as Honeywell and GE. All these sources are renowned and well-respected. As such you can trust the quality.

Contract Length

ADT has always had a 3-year contract. From there, it’s renewed with every month. On the other side of the spectrum, Vivint’s contracts run to 5 years. From there, it’s renewed on a yearly basis. Some find this to be a tad bit frustrating. In fact, most complaints are about the length of the contracts.

High quality security systems will ensure the safety and security of your home. After all, it is your most precious investment.

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