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How Does Frontpoint Security Compare To Other Companies

Frontpoint is a popular security company that offers clients a variety of interactive wireless security systems which are meant to guarantee the safety of your home or business premise. It has an advantage over the conventional wired systems because of its level of complexity and design ingenuity.

Even the most professional burglars have a difficult time in disarming the security systems offered by Frontpoint. This company gives you the ability to arm and disarm your system from any point on the globe. In case of any security breach, the system instantly notifies you via email, text or via a phone call.

This company’s devices have been on the market for quite a long time, they have proven to be very reliable, safe and trustworthy. The company offers different security packages to choose from, this ensures that each and every individual need is met.

Frontpoint vs Simplisafe

These security companies both offer a hassle free, intuitive and wireless security service. Being wireless, installing these companies’ systems cannot be easily compromised. They both offer video surveillance among other benefits. They both feature smartphone notifications, this lets you instantly know if your premises have been broken into. Generally, the two security systems share a lot of similarities, however, they also have notable differences.

Frontpoint charges $399 for their equipment, this is reduced to $99.99 if you commit to a three year contract and a $24.99 per month. Simplisafe does not require any contract for their services, they offer a $14.99 plan coupled to a $229.96 equipment fee.

Frontpoint vs ADT

Analyzing Frontpoint security vs ADT, Frontpoint begins the duel on a high note, this is because of their instant installation, unlike ADT which needs professional installation. ADT jabs Frontpoint by having no equipment fee, unlike Frontpoint’s $399.95 equipment cost.

Frontpoint has a better BBB rating. ADT features round the clock security surveillance. Another notable difference is that ADT uses a hardwired protocol for its sensors, Frontpoint is completely wireless.

ADT has a theft protection guarantee in which it offers customers reparation costs from $500 if an armed burglar successfully rummages through your house under ADT watch. ADT also has a six month refund policy if you are not satisfied with their services. They both pay for any expenses you may incur while installing their systems in your new house after you move.

Frontpoint vs ADT Pulse

ADT Plus generally has the same features as ADT, Frontpoint levels ADT Pulse with its wireless protocol. ADT Pulse’s systems are hardwired, this has been a major source of concern for some users who feel that wires are more prone to being compromised. Frontpoint has a Key Fob Controller, ADT Pulse lacks this.

Frontpoint security vs Protect America

Protect America is a renowned security systems provider headquartered in Austin, Texas. It is a highly rated security systems provider, it only charges for the service it offers, not the equipment. Their security packages are specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of different customers.

The company’s systems are connected to their servers via telephone lines, cellular lines or through the internet. An advantage of Protect America is their environmental monitoring systems, these environmental sensors can detect floods, fire and smoke.

Protect America also has a very friendly customer service department. Frontpoint on the other hand is in a collaboration with General Electric. This strategic partnership augurs excellently for Frontpoint security. It offers Frontpoint a upper hand with its novel technologies.

With a cellular based monitoring system, Frontpoint offers a reliable security monitoring system. It has a simple installation procedure which eliminates the need for professional intervention. Generally, Frontpoint security systems rate better than Protect America’s systems.

Frontpoint vs Vivint​​​​​​​

Previously known as APX Alarm Security Solutions, Goldman Sachs invested in this company, resulting into Vivint. Vivint is known for its cutting edge technology and favorable prices, Vivint greatly discounts customer’s equipment costs in exchange for a three and a half years commitment.

Vivint features a 2Gig Go touchscreen user panel which has significantly more features than Frontpoint’s products. Vivint has a considerably higher fee than Frontpoint, It costs $68.99 per month, compared to Frontpoint’s $49.99.

Vivint features a weather forecasting system and also has a severe weather forecasting system for instances like tornadoes. This is an essential feature for clients living regions with such phenomena.

Frontpoint vs Lifeshield

Frontpoint and Lifeshield security systems have a narrow gap between each other. They both offer advanced wireless security systems with top of the class monitoring and a very simple do it yourself installation. However, Frontpoint edges out Lifeshield with its comprehensive home automation feature and quality customer service.

Frontpoint has simpler systems with cutting edge energy management features, unlike Lifeshield. Frontpoint uses the highly rated GE monitoring systems, unlike Lifeshield which uses a proprietary system that has a considerably low reliability. Proprietary systems tend to lag behind in updates and developments.

Lifeshield has a one year warranty for its equipment, compared to Frontpoint’s two years warranty.

Frontpoint vs Safemart

Safemart is a relatively new entrant in the home security sector, however, it is quickly building a reputation for itself. In as much as it does not provide installation services, it provides comprehensive user instructions for installation. In addition to this, Safemart offers very competitive monthly fees, their customer service is also excellent.

Safemart also uses GE levels like Frontpoint, its affordability may also be a determining factor for new users. Frontpoint also operates on the GE platform their main advantage is that they have a clearly outlined pricing catalog. They have a thirty day money guarantee for dissatisfied customers, no security company even comes close to this.

Safemart also uses GE levels like Frontpoint, its affordability may also be a determining factor for new users. Frontpoint also operates on the GE platform their main advantage is that they have a clearly outlined pricing catalog. They have a thirty day money guarantee for dissatisfied customers, no security company even comes close to this.

Frontpoint has a fully cellular monitoring system, this ensures that the system cannot be easily compromised by burglars. Their wireless devices are quite simple to set up, they do not require customers to drill unnecessary holes in their walls.

Free phone applications are also provided for customers, this enables users to rapidly arm or disarm their systems from their phones. This customer also has a client first approach, Frontpoint has no fusses and truly stands up for what they claim. Their security modules are considered the safest in the market, in addition to this, their packages are tailored to fulfill individual client needs.


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