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New construction is not occupied by anyone and is frequently vulnerable to attacks and vandalism. That's exactly why these structures must be protected by security as soon as construction beings.

Pre-wiring of the security system during construction will conceal all the wiring and preserve the aesthetic value of your home.

Company Name protects new constructions and renovations in a number of ways.

We design and install new construction security systems that include:

* Basic intrusion alarms to complete audio video systems

* Camera video surveillance


* Access control

* Networked security

* Automation

These techniques offer door safety for the outside of your home and inside movement recognition for the interior of the home. Trespassers will be halted in their tracks.You may rest assured that the security responsibilities will be taken care of.

For even better safety, these techniques may be integrated with video surveillance. Everybody who enters may be noted, which could considerably increase the safety of your building. We also provide documentation to your insurer when damage has been done to your property.

We work with residential homeownersand company owners, as well as designers, engineers, contractors, etc. We will help with the design and implementation of protection systems, smoke detectors, accesscontrol systems, and videosurveillance techniques.

Please contact Company Name at (517) 273-2873. We are happy to describe all of the ways we can safeguard your home from theft and vandalism.


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