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Protect America Security Review

A good security system is a great investment in any home. The problem is that with such a huge niche, the market is flooded with all sorts of security systems. This makes it practically impossible to settle for the best one.

However, the Protect America Security system is no doubt one of the very best. In fact, they are so sure of their products that they give you a lifetime warranty on equipment.

Protect America provides different packages to address different needs- from copper, bronze and silver to gold and platinum. You can choose what suits your home best. With its amazing features it provides you as the homeowner round the clock surveillance and protection allowing you to rest with no anxiety or fear of invasion.

Features of Protect America Security

Being among the bigwigs in the industry, it goes without saying that Protect America Security must have some pretty amazing features. These include:

· Remote control with live feeds to synced devices: This allows you to activate or disable the system from a remote location through cellular connection. It also allows you to get real-time video footage of what is going on in the house when you are not around.

· 24 Hour surveillance: This means that at every single second of the day your house is being monitored for security purposes by the different components of the systems. There is also a 24 hour response guarantee in case of abnormal activity.

· Door and window sensors: These respond to everything from opening normally to break-in attempts. They can be fixed on main doors and windows as well as the garage door.

· Motion sensors: This is activated when there is no one else in the house and notifies you if there is any suspicious movement within the house.

· Panic buttons: These are meant to directly alert authorities when the homeowner feels that for some reason their safety has been compromised.

· Price and contracts: You can either get a thirty six month contract for $720 or a monthly subscription of $19.99. Installation is absolutely free.

· Nationwide Coverage: Protect America is huge-it has nationwide coverage. This is good news to families that have recently moved, or keep moving around a lot. You can receive the home monitoring services anywhere within the United States.

Comparisons with other companies

1. Protect America vs ADT

Shared features include the 24 hour support, remote control and the panic button feature.

Unlike the Protect America System, ADT has additional features including flood monitoring, temperature and light monitoring and fire protection. However, it lacks the motion sensor as well as the door and window sensor features. In terms of price, ADT is the more expensive option at $36.99 per month and $1143 for the six month contract.

2. Protect America vs Front Point

The two share features including the 24 hour support, remote control, motion sensors as well as door and window sensors.

Front Point has several advantages in that it provides fire protection, environmental sensitivity and control as well as flood receptors. It is however the more expensive option at $34.99 per month.

3. Protect America vs Simplisafe

Simplisafe differs from Protect America in that there are no long term contracts; it offers smash-proof protection and has a backup lithium battery unlike Protect America Systems. It is also the cheaper option at $14.99 per month. Similarities include 24 hour response, cellular connection and wireless sensors.

4. Protect America vs Vivint

One of the most distinct differences is in terms of price. The Vivint 36 month contract costs $ 2,141 which makes it one of the most expensive systems in the market. It makes up for this by having additional features like smart door locks, doorbell cameras and temperature control above what Protect America has.

5. Protect America vs Livewatch

Livewatch System focuses more on the video aspect of monitoring and home security. Unlike Protect America, this system has features including false alarm clearance, smart home automation and environmental sensitivity to light and temperature. In terms of price, the two are relatively equal at $19.99 per month. All the other features are shared.


Protect America has no doubt earned its spot among the bigwigs of automated home security. With its amazing features, it is both reliable and a worthy investment in any home. Ultimately, as the home owner, the decision of which home security system to use is yours to make. Hence you should go with the choice that makes you feel comfortable, secure, and doesn’t strain your budget.


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