Simplisafe vs Safemart Review

For the most apparent reasons, home security is very imperative. It is for these reasons that choosing a security company for your home is an intricate undertaking that requires many factors to be taken into consideration. Simplisafe and Safesmart are both leaders in the home security sector, in as much as they offer similar services and are highly rated, there are significant differences in features between the two companies.

Both companies offer two way intercoms to facilitate direct communication between you and your monitoring station. They both also offer round the clock monitoring, text and email alerts, they also offer remote automation via mobile devices and the internet. However, Safesmart features thermostat control through the control panel streams wireless video to your computer or mobile device in real time.

Simplisafe’s hardware setup is not designed for redundancy, this means that in case the main control panel is destroyed, no data will be relayed to the monitoring station. Both companies feature a variety of devices and sensors, these include; Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, wireless sensors, door and window sensors, freeze detectors, flood protection and sirens. However, Safesmart again tips the scales here, in addition to all these, it offers heat sensors, garage door sensors, touchscreen control panels and security cameras, Simplisafe lacks these.

Safesmart has three extra operating centers for redundancy while Simplisafe only has a single operating center, this ensures that with Safesmart, you are always covered even when they are experiencing technical hitches with their center. However, with Simplisafe’s wireless system, relocation of the security system is possible, this is an outstanding feature, as opposed to Safesmart which has a hardwired system that makes relocation a complicated process.

Both companies offer comprehensive online tutorials and an array of frequently asked questions. Safesmart offers live chat which Simplisafe doesn’t have, the live chat if available is normally limited by the number of hours. Simplisafe has a sixty day total satisfaction guarantee which Safesmart lacks.

The most conspicuous difference lies in their prices, Safesmart offers a variety of options which cost from $19 to $50 while Simplisafe offers features priced between $14 and $20. Safesmart also ties you to a one year contract. Simplisafe is relatively cheaper with the main advantages of Safesmart being; an array of features, quality devices and automation. Installation fees and hardware costs can get prohibitively high. Simplisafe is recommended as an entry level system with its no contract and affordable fees, it allows you to save money over similar Safesmart features.

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