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Simplisafe vs Scout Alarm: Which One is the Better DIY Home Security System

With all the available technologies and innovative companies today, homeowners have a lot of options to choose from, particularly when it comes to home security. However, as options pile up, picking the right one also becomes a harder task.

A DIY home security system is one of your best options if you’re looking for a more convenient but effective security solution. They cost a lot cheaper than professionally installed systems and comes without the inconvenience of having a stranger set up your security. Simplisafe and Scout Alarm are two of the most promising DIY systems you can get your hands on today. In case you’re having a hard time deciding which one is best, here’s a quick rundown of their strengths and weaknesses.


Simplisafe DIY home security system was founded in 2006 and has been around longer than Scout. It offers a more comprehensive security since it also gives you the option to get professional monitoring for fire, freeze, flood and even increased levels of carbon monoxide.

Scout Alarm DIY home security system, on the other hand, offers just the basic equipment in protecting your home. It’s a bit different from your typical internet-only based systems because it provides a paid cellular backup in case your internet goes down.

Packages and Equipment

Both systems allow customization which means you can add more devices or take out pieces you don’t really need. For a little over $300, you can assemble your starter kit with Scout. This amount will get you a base unit, a door panel, sticker, key fobs and sensors.

Simplisafe, on top of its customized packages, offers pre-assembled kits if you’re not still sure what to get. The most affordable package you can get from the brand costs $229. It includes a base station, a keypad, remote and sensors.


Both systems can be self-monitored. However, if you’re looking for that added peace of mind, they also offer monitoring plans for an extra price.

Scout’s self-monitoring plan costs $9.99 monthly and it will get you mobile app access, push notifications and cellular backup. Its most expensive plan, which is pro monitoring for those with internet connection, costs $19.99. The extra fee gives you a 24/7 alarm monitoring, unlimited SMS and email alerts, push notifications and 3G cellular backup. Scout also has separate plans for those homeowners who don’t have any internet connection at home.

With Simplisafe, at $14.99, you get 24/7 monitoring and notifications. If you have the budget, you can subscribe to its Interactive plan which costs $24.99. For that price, you can get SMS and email alerts, secret alerts and the ability to arm or disarm your system from your smart phone. In case you don’t want to subscribe to any of these plans, your system can still function as a local alarm.

As for money-back guarantee, Scout gives you 30 days to test the system out while Simplisafe offers a longer period of 60 days.

Home Automation

If you have a smart home or a lot of smart devices, Scout is the better option since you can connect it to Nest, Amazon Echo and even Philips Lights. It even has its own IFTTT channel where you can create home automation recipes by determining your triggers and reactions. You should take note, however, that Scout works with Zigbee devices.

Simplisafe, meanwhile, is only limited to home security. If you want to make it work for home automation, you may need to invest in additional equipment.

The Verdict

implisafe and Scout have their own pros and cons, but your security system of choice should be based on what you actually need for your home.

In case you are looking for a system which can solely focus on your home security, Simplisafe is your best bet. Aside from that its starter package costs lesser than Scout, there are also several levels of protection you can choose from. It has also been around longer which means they’re time-tested.

However, if you want a safe and smart home, Scout security system is the right way to go. With the ability to connect to third- party smart devices, you won’t only be protected against burglars and intruders but you can also save on electricity.


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