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SkyBell HD Bronze Wi-Fi Video Doorbell – Review

The SkyBell HD allows you to see visitor at your door and communicate via a two way intercom, using your smartphone or tablet, whether you are away or at home.

The Skybell is fitted with a 1080p camera, which provides full-color night vision.

The motion sensor will send you live alerts, ensuring your peace of mind and security before opening the door.

If you don’t answer the doorbell, the system will take video of what has been detected to your cloud account, so, you’ll always know who’s been at your door.

Having the ability to see exactly what is going on in front of your house, or able verify if a package has been delivered, or if there is anyone lingering around gives complete peace of mind.

SkyBell HD has dramatically improved since it’s older models and continues to get better. Image quality is no exception and the camera provides sharp images day and night. The new app is much easier to use with better system options. There are regular updates, which improve the functionality and reliability of the product.

The device has an attractive, sleek and quality design, and had a customizable LED on the button itself. So you can change the color to your preference.

The image range is excellent and audio is good quality with volume control. It can also be used with Amazon Alexa. The device is weatherproof.


The doorbell is quick and easy to set up if you already have a mechanical doorbell. You simply attach the wires, secure the mount and lock the device into place with a screw at the bottom.

The video captures 3 – 5 seconds prior to the doorbell ringing, so you can get a good look at the approaching persons face.

The app is straightforward and easy to install and control.


The way the SkyBell works is by detecting motion once, and if it detects another motion within a few seconds it will trigger an alert on your mobile device. The added motion sensitivity on the app allows you to select the motion from low, medium or high. The app automatically archives all doorbell activity for 7-days.

You can switch the doorbell on and off remotely if you need some quiet time and the motion sensor will still alert you if someone is present.

The doorbell automatically displays a green light. When it starts recording the light turns white. This is not ideal for some people, so you can change the setting so that the light appears white constantly. There is a small red dot that will come on when the camera is recording, so it is not completely discreet.

You can take a photo of what you see outside your door and save it. Multiple users are able to use the app but not at the same time.

Technical Support

The SkyBell customer service team has good support and response times.

Additional Costs

There are no subscription fees or storage charges.


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