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UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera, LED Bulb Home Security System – Review

Product Overview

The UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye Bulb is a simple home device which gives great panoramic views using a 1/3” fisheye Lens. With this system you will get super wide-angle views eliminating blind spots and those areas that would not be captured by regular cameras.

One of the problems with other security systems is that in the split second it takes for a recording to start after a motion detector has been activated, more often than not, the uninvited guest has disappeared from view. Using the fisheye bulb you can capture someone walking from one side of the room to the other, providing you place it at a suitable vantage point.

The bulb is not completely covert, however if you screw the bulb into a desk lamp it is less likely to be noticed, especially when the bulb is illuminated. You can control the light on or off switch via your phone app. This doubles up the usage of the device, as you can use it as a way of turning lights on when you are not home, so that the house appears to be occupied.

Simple Set Up

Using the quick Wi-Fi setup via iOS or Android Smartphone you will instantly gain remote access to the camera on your Smartphone via your mobile 4G network or Wi-Fi. Please note that the system does not currently support 5G Wi-Fi network.

The system uses P2P Server Technology, so there is no complicated port mapping and no need for DDNS settings. The set up usually takes around 20 minutes.

Motion detection:

You can synchronize your smartphone with their easy to use app so you can get information via push notifications to your phone every time movement is detected in your house.

Day and Night Vision

The night vision on this camera is excellent. With up to 16 feet of visibility in total darkness and the crystal clear video images using 960P HD Video format with a resolution of 1280×1024(1.3MP), you can be sure to capture any movement at any time of day or night.

Video and Image Capture

When you make the additional purchase of a Micro SD card (up to 128GB) you will then be able to record, store, review and manage video and images directly from your mobile device. You will be able to playback videos of recorded footage on your phone and any alert pictures will be stored on your SD card. Once you insert your SC card ad format it, the camera will recognize it and will record automatically.

Two-Way Audio

Another great feature on this system is that you are able to talk to someone who is in the room you have under surveillance. It is great for people who want to keep an eye on an elderly relative or to remind a teenager while you are away, that you are watching their every move!

After Sales and Service

The after sales service is excellent and UOKOO offer a180 days return policy with a free 18-month warranty.


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