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YI Dome Wireless IP Security Surveillance System – Review

This YI Dome camera model offers a good quality system for the price. The wireless feature enables you to set it up quickly and easily anywhere in your home or office, which should take no more than 5 minutes.

System Features

The wide angled lens and vertical rotation gives complete 360° coverage. This version uses a 720p camera. Night vision distance is limited to 3 meters in total darkness, but the auto cruise program will give larger areas a quick scan. We love that there are no flashing lights or LED glare to disturb you while you sleep or alert an intruder to the device.

A convenient 2-way audio feature with an intercom mode, allows you to choose between having one or two users to talk and listen at a time. The built-in anti-noise filter gives communication clarity.

One of our favorite features of the YI, is that you can bookmark up to 8 different camera positions. You can change between bookmarks by simply tapping a button in the app.

The app is set up for use with iOS and Android. You can set up your smart phone to receive real-time alerts if the camera detects any activity. It will record for 10 seconds in motion tracking and positions itself to center the moving object. The downside to the app is that you will get adverts for YI which can be annoying after a while.

A great advantage of the UI dome camera is that you can use it as a portable device. Once you have set up the app, you can take the camera anywhere with you as long as you have access to a power socket as the device does need to be plugged in at all times. So if you are taking the family to stay with friends or relatives, you can put the camera in the kids room for example, especially if the house is particularly large.

You video and image data can be stored on a micro SD card. A great benefit to this is that you do not have to pay additional monthly subscriptions for cloud storage. However YI are working on a solution to provide an upgraded service which will include storage and extra security.

YI have cleverly designed a customized program to ensure you never miss anything important. Their motion tracking will identify, track and records every moving objects with superb detail. For maximum safety, there is a handy Auto Cruise mode that, once set, will continuously scan your room

Customer Service

The customer service is absolutely first class. YI will call you to let you know your device is on it’s way, to see if there is anything you need to ask them. Then call you back a few days later to ensure everything is working and you are pleased with your purchase. This sort of service really does make the customer feel connected with the brand, which is important when providing security solutions.


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